Urgent Call Handling

Urgent Call Handling

Urgent calls require rapid response. A specific plan of action should already be in place so calls are handled with competence and efficiency. While we are not a replacement to emergency services, we are your answer for urgent business demands. American Communications LLC partners with you during account set-up to determine what defines an urgent call and how to respond.

Your needs determine which calls are urgent.

We support professionals in many industries – from doctors and contractors to attorneys . Because urgency is defined differently by each operation, custom call handling protocols are specified on an account by account basis. One size fits all couldn’t be less true when handling urgent calls.

You decide how we respond.

You also set the rules for what happens when an urgent call comes in. Would you like us to transfer the call or page a specific person? Does it depend on who is calling and why? Your custom plan of action instructs us on what happens next.

Technology makes a difference.

Our Business Support Associates answer calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, backed by a cutting edge backend Customer Relationship Management system that stores extensive information on your protocols and policies. Urgent call handling instructions are immediately accessible on an Associate’s computer screen when he or she answers a call from your unique telephone number.